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Values are an important reference point for our research group. Our research is often linked to the application of new digital technology. In these cases, it is desirable to always carry out an analysis of the impact of the new technology on a wide range of human values. It is even preferred to take values into account as a factor in designing a system. We mention a few example of initiatives for policy design, impact analysis and value based design: Data protection impact analysis, privacy by design, broad welfare indicators, UN sustainable development goals (plus indicator framework).

DSSG member Cor Veenman co-leads the ICAI lab on AI4Oversight, focusing on responsible AI methods to support inspectors of government agencies. Typical values are transparency and fairness.

A second example is the NWA project Making big data meaningful for a promising start where Rick Bortsov has developed an ethical framework that supports the ethical decision making, inherent to the development of predictive models.

DSSG members Gerard van Oortmerssen (em. prof.) and Wessel Kraaij (prof.) included explicit references to social values in their inaugural lectures.